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Yet another one! Art, Observation, and an Anthropology of Illustration

Max Carocci and Stephanie Pratt (eds) Bloomsbury, 2022

Gathered in this volume are some of the contributions to the panel ‘Art as Ethnography/Ethnography as Art’, presented in June 2018 at the conference Art, Materiality and Representation, organized by the Royal Anthropological Institute of Great Britain at the British Museum. This provocative foray into the grey area between art and anthropology indicates some new avenues for a more holistic integration of images, drawings and illustrations in the canon of Visual Anthropology, to this day mostly concerned with time-based media. Art historians, Curators, Ethnographers, Anthropologists, and Folklorists come together to discuss the limits and possibilities given by this interstitial experiment, one that may be of interest to the respective disciplines and cognate fields.


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