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Warriors of the Plains

(British Museum, London 2010- Manchester, Leeds, Dublin, Exeter 2010-2014)

Entirely based on the important Plains Indian collections in the British Museum, Max’s first major exhibition explored continuities and changes in Native American cultures over two-hundred years. Conceived as a reflection of Native American concepts in the planning, use of space, and captions, it facilitated human-object interaction in an innovative perspective that allowed multiple readings and different trails. The displays incorporated data and viewpoints collected during Max’s fieldwork among Southern Plains peoples from Oklahoma (Kiowa, Caddo, Comanche) and a video co-produced with Italian film-maker Simona Piantieri. Click here to see the two books written by Max Carocci that accompanied the exhibition: Warriors of the Plains: the Arts of Plains Indian Warfare and Ritual and Honour: Warriors of the American Plains.

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