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Precolumbian Arts and Civilisations: a New Course by Max Carocci!

Precolumbian Arts and Civilisations are the focus of a new course taught by Max Carocci starting online from October 5th 2022 for the duration of 8 weeks. It is called: Ancient American Civilisations, and it is the first of a two parts course on the Indigenous civilisations of the Americas.

The course is run through the institute for adult education City Lit in London. Here you can find the necessary details to enrol:

This short course on Precolumbian arts and civilisations covers all South America beyond the conventional focus on Andean societies. In it you will learn interesting facts about the connections that linked Amazonian societies to those of the Pacific coast, and the Andes. We will discuss myths and misconceptions about South American societies, how they different from one another and, at times, embraced similar religious ideologies.

We will not only look at the Inca, Moche and Wari, but at the chiefdoms from Ecuador, Panama, Colombia and Brazil.

We will be examining archaeological discoveries from the Amazon and Bolivia, and draw connections between civilisations in an unprecedented attempt at presenting the full richness of Amerindian Indigenous achievements from Nicaragua to Argentina. The course promises to enrich anyone interested in ancient civilizations, and to shed new light on cultures usually considered marginal to the study of American cultural developments before the European colonisation.


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